3 Ways Comparison Kills Your Leadership

compassion kills


Our church just had an amazing 2 weeks of the Awakening Conference with incredible speakers, teaching, worship and more. The leadership sessions that took place were some of the most powerful, compelling messages I have heard in a while. One over arching theme was how comparison effects a leader’s impact and calling on their lives.  Here are 3 ways comparison kills your ability as a leader.

7 Digital Tools that Help Boost Productivity

digital productivity tools

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As a social media marketer, consultant, husband, and leader at my church, my time is very precious to me.  I try to make it a priority to spend my time doing things that will have a positive impact on the goals I am currently striving towards.  Over the years I have found a few digital tools and apps that help to keep me on track and boost my productivity.  These tools have helped me stay on the path towards my goals, collaborate with others, and increase my proficiency.  The following tools are all FREE so you can download them and try them out to see if they work for you.

The 7 Traits of Highly Effective Social Media Specialists

social-media-specialist-traits As you may already know, social media is no longer a luxury for businesses and organizations, it’s pretty much a necessity.  That being said, you shouldn’t leave your social media marketing efforts to just anyone.  They should possess certain traits and skills to ensure you get the maximum return on your digital marketing strategy.  Here are the top 7 traits of highly effective social media specialists:

Help Me Support Charity: Water’s #September Campaign for India

help support charity: water's september campaign for India

I spent 3 full days at Hubspot‘s Inbound 2013 conference this past week and learned a lot about Inbound Marketing and how it can be used to affect the world in a positive way. Charity: Water, a nonprofit devoted to working in over 20 developing countries around the world, bringing clean water to people in need, had a large presence at the conference where they told their story and elaborated on how inbound marketing helped them make a significant impact.

5 Tips to Improve Productivity and Take Back Your Time

Productivity Tips Take Back Your Time

One of my passions is how to improve productivity in my everyday life. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes when we become more efficient with the short amount of time that we have been given.  Therefore, we have the responsibility to make the most out of our lives, including the day to day. I have listed 5 tips below to help increase your productivity and take back your time!  Let’s begin, shall we?