Our church just had an amazing 2 weeks of the Awakening Conference with incredible speakers, teaching, worship and more. The leadership sessions that took place were some of the most powerful, compelling messages I have heard in a while. One over arching theme was how comparison effects a leader’s impact and calling on their lives.  Here are 3 ways comparison kills your ability as a leader.


3 Ways Comparison Kills Your Leadership:


1. Comparison kills your happiness.

As leaders, we naturally try to be constantly improving ourselves in one way or another.  When comparison enters the scene, we begin to compare ourselves to someone else we are no longer focused on cultuvating our own calling but imitating the calling of another.  When our time and energy is focused on attaining a calling that was never meant to be ours, we lose our sense of joy because we are chasing after something that we can never fully achieve.

“Comparison is the death of joy.” -Mark Twain
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2. Comparison kills your vision for the future.

A leader must have a clear vision and understanding of his true calling if he or she is to make a significant impact in the world around them. By comparing yourself to another leader, celebrity, whoever, you are diverting your attention away from your calling and onto theirs. It’s our job as leaders to be able to recognize when we are trying to pursue a calling that is not ours and refuse to let it continue. Pastor Charles R. Swindoll said it best,

“When the Lord makes it clear you’re to follow Him in this new direction, focus fully on Him and refuse to be distracted by comparisons with others.”

You were born with a specific gift, talent, and purpose. Don’t let it go to waste by trying to live out someone else’s calling.

3. Comparison kills your influence.

Leadership boils down to one thing: Influence.  By always being caught up in comparing yourself to another you are not able to influence those following you to the your full capacity. Fully invest yourself into developing your calling and the people you are leading.  Remember,

“Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.” -Shannon L. Alder ~Click To Tweet

 What do you do when you find yourself comparing yourself to another leader?