The goal of every online business should be to supply their community of fans and followers with highly valuable content that they can use to improve their lives in some way. In this post we will go through the steps to create contagious content that your audience will want to read, engage with, and most of all share.  

Step 1: Identify What Your Audience Wants And Needs

This is not only a key to the success of your content, but your business or organization altogether.  By now you should already know your audience fairly well including their needs, wants, desires, and aspirations.  Take the time to listen to or poll your audience asking them what they would like you to create next.  Here’s where your social networks come in handy. I learned this pro tip from Amy Porterfield of the highly aclaimed podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy“:

Give your audience 3-4 content headlines you have come up with and ask which of one would be most helpful to them.  

Examples of these could include:

  • 5 steps to living a happier life.
  • How to crush negative thoughts before bed
  • Why you’re spinning your wheels and what to do about it.

To learn more about how you can create amazing headlines that draw people in, check out this post.

Step 2: Outline Actionable Tasks

Every piece of great content should leave the reader with actionable steps they can take to eading themselves closer to the desired result.   By empowering them to take measures to achieve small victories, this helps you establish relationship and leaves them wanting more of what you have to offer.



Step 3: Make It Easily Digestible.

The way you package and deliver your content will have a big impact on whether they decide to read the whole thing or better yet come back to your site later.  With people’s ever diminishing attention span you want to set up your content in a way that is scannable where the reader can identify whether the it is valuable to them or not. What does that mean for you content creators? Focus on:

  • Using checklists when explaining a process
  • Break up extensive paragraphs with bullet lists
  • Keep your videos in the 3 – 5 minute range, don’t go any longer.
  • Write your sentences short and sweet
  • Use terms and verbiage that the reader would use.

Step 4: Make It Conversational

If you design your content as a conversational piece it will take you further than just sharing expertise. By asking questions and welcoming feedback, not only does your audience start asking themselves the right questions to get them where they want to be, but you open up the floodgates of valuable information and insight as to the needs and wants of your ideal customers. This provides you with the raw elements to forge your future content. Not to mention the more people you get commenting and sharing your content, the more Google will love you.

Try out some of these steps and let me know what is working for you!  Need help with your content marketing efforts?  Reach out to me here to get a free content marketing evaluation.

What pitfalls are you running into when creating content?