One of my passions is how to improve productivity in my everyday life. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes when we become more efficient with the short amount of time that we have been given.  Therefore, we have the responsibility to make the most out of our lives, including the day to day. I have listed 5 tips below to help increase your productivity and take back your time!  Let’s begin, shall we?

1. Find a To-do List that Works for You

One key to accomplishing more is having a solid, organized to-do list. My all-time favorite to-do list is Wunderlist from the guys over at Wunderkinder. First off, I love Wunderlist because of the ability to access my tasks from almost anywhere, whether I am using my iPhone, Tablet, or computer. This cloud-based app syncs all your to-do lists with all your devices that the app is installed on, and there is an also a web version. Check out its amazing features in their video:

I break down my to-do lists in the following ways:

  • Professional Ventures
  • Social Media Marketing Clients
  • Household Tasks
  • Church
  • Hobbies
  • Miscellaneous

Wunderlist allows me to organize and keep track of what needs to be accomplished in what area of my life. It also allows me to set due dates and reminders to keep me on track, which will send push notifications and emails about what needs to be done.  There are also options to add unlimited sub tasks, repeat reminders, collaborate with other users and even upload files in the premium app. I highly recommend this app for you productivity buffs.  Try Wunderlist for FREE today!  There are many amazing to-do lists out there, you just have to find the one that best meets your needs.

2. Assign a Time to Check Your Email

One of the biggest waste of our time is giving in to the habit of constantly checking our email. Not only does this interrupt you from what you are currently working on but you add unnecessary stress while trying to accomplish something of importance. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income recommends carving out a time in your schedule dedicated to checking your email.  By doing this, you can focus on the task at hand but also, when it comes to handling email, you can do that with full focus as well. When going through your email, sort them into action items or set reminders to come back to them later if they are not ready to be acted upon. Don’t let your inbox control you!

3. Delegate Your Most Tedious Tasks

Tedious tasks have a bad habit of sucking up valuable time we could be using to acomplish more important matters. This is an area many of us need to conquer, but victory in this battle only comes with the help if others.   If you have tasks that need to be done, but not necessarily by you, then enlist the help of friends, family, co-workers, or teammates who are willing and have the bandwidth to take it on. By investing in this person and training them how to do the task, you are multiplying yourself in a sense giving you the ability to accomplish more. What tedious things are you holding onto that you could easily delegate to others?

4. Exercise Unlocks Energy

For some people, a lack of energy keeps them from being productive.  They feel sluggish and drowsy, and begin to accept the mundane. There is a simple cure for this: GET UP AND MOVE! Before taking on new tasks, or ones you have been putting off, spend 30 minutes to an hour exercising.  This will help get blood and endorphins flowing to help stimulate your mind and get your body ready to work.  Many people neglect exercise in their daily life and find themselves drained of energy, but in order to have more energy we must first start by putting out more. Very rarely will you regret working out, but I can guarantee that you will absolutely regret NOT working out.

5. Use your Downtime Efficiently

How do you spend free time that comes your way?  Most people use it as a luxury to just veg-out and be lazy.  Don’t get me wrong we are all entitled to our rest, but when it becomes excessive it can open the doors to laziness.  I encourage you to spend some of your free time investing into yourself.  Whether it’s reading a book on something you are passionate about, taking a class to increase your professional skills, or spend some time meditating on your current situations and planning out the next stages of your life, if you use your downtime wisely it will help launch you into a brighter future.

These are just 5 tips to improve productivity in your life, I hope you can use them to take back your time.  I’d love to hear some of your top productivity tips!  Drop them in the comment section below.

Photo Credit: Matt Gibson (Flickr)