If you’re a productivity junkie like me, then you’re always on the lookout for the next app or tip to help improve your workflow and life in general.

In our ever-increasingly noisy and busy world, we must put systems and processes in place if we are to truly be successful and productive.

For me, that means using a few apps every day to keep me on track, plan accordingly, and execute effectively.  Below are a few apps that I definitely would not want to live life without:

1. Evernote

I’ve blogged a few times about Evernote before, but I can’t brag about it enough.  If I had to choose 1 app to be stranded on a desert island with, it would be Evernote.

I use it for absolutely everything including:

  • Taking meeting notes
  • Drafting new ideas
  • Writing blog drafts
  • Creating new workout routines
  • Taking online courses or classes
  • Creating systems and processes
  • and much more…

Evernote is always adding new features for both their FREE and premium versions.  One of their coolest features is their Web Clipper where you can save any web page you’re on directly to Evernote. Take a look:

Try out Evernote today and let me know what you think.

2. Todoist

This is my task manager of choice… by far.

I’ve tried them all:

  • Wunderlist
  • Apple Reminders
  • Any.do
  • Clear
  • etc

I’ve found that Todoist is the best for managing tasks and projects across all my devices and platforms.

The 2 features that I love the most are the are the gmail integrations and their Google Chrome extension.  This allows me to create tasks out of emails that people sent because it automatically adds the details into the task notes.  The Chrome Extension is great for adding particular websites to tasks and projects.  It’s very similar to the Evernote web clipper and saves me a ton of time when I find an article or tool that I want to take action on.  From there you can add it to specific projects, add due dates and even assign other people.

The app is free but also has a premium version with more powerful features.  Todoist integrates with tons of apps, it’s definitely worth checking out.

3. MindNode

Mind mapping is my new found love when it comes to planning and goal setting.  Mind maps make visualizing your ideas and long-term ideas easy to see and understand.  MindNode is my go-to app to get my ideas out of my head and start creating a solid plan of action.

I do this for everything, whether it’s planning out content, putting together a team, or working out a new process I want to implement, this makes it easy and pretty fun.  I find that when mind mapping, new ideas come as I start to visually see how each one plays into another.

Watch how easy it is to build a mind map on your desktop or mobile phone:

4. Pocket

As a digital marketer, I always have to be reading up and improving my skills as social networks change and evolve.  So much content is being published on a daily basis that it is impossible to consume it all.

Meet Pocket, it helps me to save all the articles I come across during the day for later when I can focus on them more.  It helps to gather any article, video, or page into a minimalistic reader.  You can organize your articles with their tagging feature to easily find any post.

They just came out with an amazing feature which allows Pocket to read articles to you.  It’s not flawless, but it is super helpful especially when reading articles while on-the-go.  You can even control the speed at which the app reads to you.

Check it out: the free version is all you’ll need.

5. Dropbox

You can stop looking for a file-sharing service.  Dropbox blows everyone else away.  Don’t know anything about Dropbox?  Their tagline says it best:

“Dropbox keeps your files safe, synced, and easy to share.”

This is great for sharing images, videos, and other documents with your teams or friends.  Being a content marketer requires you to do a lot of collaboration with multiple teams.  Dropbox makes that super simple.

You start out with a decent amount of storage, but I actually upgraded recently to their pro account which gave me a TERABYTE for only $99.

Get some free storage on me here.

6. Google Drive

For collaboration and reporting, I end up using Google Docs and Google Sheets to improve the workflow of both myself and my team.  Whether it’s creating new blog content lead magnet – I can easily share the most up-to-date versions and comments with those who need to see them.

Google Drive offers a number of great (and FREE) alternatives to the Microsoft office suite.  I use all of them for business, ministry and even just keeping my daily life organized.

7. Overcast for Podcast Listening

I recently had to change to Overcast because I was so disgusted by the latest update to Apple’s native ‘Podcasts’ App.  I loved Apple’s last version and finally thought they got it right, then they messed it all up by changing the user interface with the iOS 9 update making it harder to create playlists and a few other awful tweaks.

I did some searching and even plugged Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Community (one of my favorite groups on Facebook) to see what people’s favorite podcast app alternatives were out there.  I came across Overcast and I’m loving it so far.

Overcast is FREE and has a beautiful user experience, making it easy to download, share and group your favorite podcasts into Playlists (unlike the new Apple update).  Overcast has some premium features that I have heard are worth it but for now FREE is good for me.

BONUS: Kindle + Audible = Whispersync

My new favorite way to consume books is Whispersync which combines Amazon’s Kindle and Audible Platforms.  Before you could buy one or the other, but now, on select books, when you purchase the Kindle version you have the option to add the Audible version for a few dollars more.

With Audible, I can read through a book in a few gym sessions or my commute to work.  Not to mention I feel like I retain more by listening than reading alone… but that’s just me.  This gives you both as an option.

When I have time I have the kindle app read the book to me (via Audible) and I follow along on my iPhone and highlight key points along the way.

Why you may ask?  Kindle stores all your highlighted notes from any book in their online platform.  I will do this throughout the whole book, then when I’m finished I will view all my highlights and copy and paste them into Evernote so that I have them to reference easily.  For the key notes that I want to take action on, I will add as tasks in Todoist and start working on them right away.

I’d love to know what some of your favorite apps are to improve your productivity.

Leave a comment below with some of your fav’s!