As you may already know, social media is no longer a luxury for businesses and organizations, it’s pretty much a necessity.  That being said, you shouldn’t leave your social media marketing efforts to just anyone.  They should possess certain traits and skills to ensure you get the maximum return on your digital marketing strategy.  Here are the top 7 traits of highly effective social media specialists:

1. Brand Evangelist

First things first, the person you are hiring to manage your social media and online presence should be passionate about your brand, product, or service.  If they are excited and believe in what you have to offer then they will find creative ways to ensure that people who share that same passion will hear about it in some way.  Do your best to instill the culture of your company or organization into them so they can showcase it clearly to the world.  Brand evangelists breed brand evangelists, if you want to start building a tribe of people who are excited to share your message, why not begin in-house?

2. Broadcaster

Your social media channels must be able to clearly and effectively communicate your message to the masses to ensure they are informed, entertained, and/or empowered.  This is what will keep them coming back.  The social media specialist should work as close as possible with the upper management of an organization to establish a detailed brand voice that covers:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What information matters to them most?
  • Who is the competition?
  • What tone of voice do we want to have with the community? Professional? Casual? Informational? Etc.

Your social media manager should not only know how to craft the message, but also where to distribute it to have the greatest impact.  Not all social networks necessarily work for all brands, this person should not be afraid to test the waters to find out if something does or doesn’t work.  Give them the ability to test certain networks for a period of time, ideally 1-3 months, to see if it impacts your business in a positive way.

3. Curator

Let’s face it, we can’t all be content machines.  Luckily there is a little thing called content curation.  Your social media specialist should be proficient in finding content that your desired audience would find interesting and informative.  This could be in the form of articles or videos showcasing tips & tricks, breaking news, hilarious memes, product or software updates, success stories etc.  A portion of a social media employee’s time should be devoted to finding out what your audience is interested in and who is putting out top-notch content on that specific subject.

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4. Researcher

Your social media specialist should have his or her finger on the pulse of the industry and take the time to brush up on new tactics, changes, and trends happening in the social realm.  Having someone on staff who not only knows how to do something, but where to find the answers if they don’t, is an excellent asset to your team. This person should take the initiative to catalog a number of blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels devoted to social media marketing tips and tactics, and carve out a time in their schedule to read, listen, and apply what they learned to your current strategy.  This is not time wasted as long as it’s applied and scaled.

5. Networker

One primary role a social media specialist should take on is role of the networker.  This is where they would find new ways to grow your brand’s online community through live events, thought leaders and other acts such as guest blogging, webinars, or trainings.  By networking and collaborating with people who share your audience can bring new eyes on your brand, services and content.  A mutually beneficial relationship is a beautiful thing and can really take off.

6. Reporter

When it comes to social media for business, management has one thing on its mind: ROI, ROI, ROI.  When it comes to return on investment for social media there are so many metrics that can be measured.  Inform your social media specialist of what stats matter most that way you can establish a clear baseline of where you are at and start plotting some goals that you want to meet in the months/years to come. Track your goals and campaigns using Google Analytics or other analytical software to identify what’s working and what’s not.  One best practice is using the Google URL builder to create custom campaigns and to shorten your link and track its click-through rate.   Reporting is not to micromanage your social media specialist, it’s to help them stay focused, improve, and set their eyes on the future, bringing us to our next point…

7. Visionary

Your social media specialist can  get so caught up in the day-to-day routine that they may take their eyes off what the future may hold.  Regular meetings should be held to discuss what efforts and techniques should be employed to continually grow your community and ultimately earn more revenue.  Give your social media pro the freedom to think creatively and experiment with new and unorthadox ideas.  Some of the best discoveries are found that way. These are 7 key traits of highly productive social media specialists.  If you or your social media managaer do not possess these qualities or traits, the good news is they can be learned.  If you or your team needs training in any of these areas, or social media marketing in general, please feel free to reach out to me here. What traits do you look for in a social media manager?

Photo Credit: geekia via Compfight cc