Facebook Tips & Tricks

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share with you a feature that is very helpful in initiating engagement on Facebook pages that you may manage as well as save you some time.  Facebook added the ability to swap between your personal profile voice and your brand page voice up at the top of the header bar as seen in the image below.

Facebook Voce Swap Feature

If you have not gotten the chance to play around with this feature yet I suggest you do so.  Facebook’s algorithm likes to see engagement such as likes, comments and shares, so just as every leader knows, promotion should start from the inner circle.  I like this feature because after I do a post as a brand, I quickly switch over to my personal profile and either like, share or comment on it.  This exposes the content to my entire sphere of social influence attracting more attention to the brand’s post.  This is a great way to kickstart your post to get more exposure and increase the Edgerank (time in the newsfeed) of your post.  Hope this was helpful!

What tricks of the trade do you use to manage your brand’s voice quickly and effectively? 

What other social media quick tips would you like to hear more about?