The blog-o-sphere can become an overwhelming experience with countless numbers of new blog posts, videos, and online courses being launched every single day.  If you consider yourself an expert in your field you know the importance of constantly reading up on your industry to grow your skills. If you’re looking to become an expert in your passion pay attention and take notes.

In this post I will share how I read 100 blog posts a week without eating up a ton of my time. I hope this method helps you to become skilled in any area of life you are passionate about. I use 3 apps to make this process easy and organized.


Here are 3 free must-have apps:


1. Meet Feedly

Feedly is the amazing successor to the late Google Reader. It is an RSS reader that allowes you to view and share all blog posts from your favorite online sources. Feedly helps you to categorize your blog posts by interest, making it easy to screen for posts that peek your curiosity.

feedly Power Search

Feedly is also great because it will recommend other blogs or sources that you may want to check out. It syncs with your favorite social sharing apps like Buffer, so you can spread the knowledge with your community. With Feedly you can mark the posts that you want to read and save it for later.

It also integrates with another app that is crucial in helping me read 100 blog posts a week, which is…

2. Pocket

Pocket is a mobile, desktop and browser app that allows you to save blog posts and other content to read later. This simple and savvy app makes it easy to save the posts you discover and “pocket” it for a later read.

It integrates with Feedly, the RSS reader we mentioned above, and the app we are going to talk about next.

3. Lisgo

Lisgo is a Mobile app that reads web articles that you have saved with Pocket in a natural-sounding voice.

Lisgo – Listen to It Later App for Pocket

You may see where I am going with this…

How I read 100 blog posts a week:

First off, I want to set the tone of this next part. If you are going to become an expert in your field, you need to invest, time, energy and money into growing your skill and knowledge of your craft. Otherwise, your potential will be stunted and you will be ultimately left unfulfilled.

Okay, enough theory, here are some practical tips.

Here are 3 steps to reading 100 blog posts a week

1. Add your favorite blogs to Feedly

If you have particular blogs that you are always reading because of the amount of valuable content they put out, then I recommend you add them to Feedly. This will allow you to view them all in one, easy to find place instead of bouncing all over the web.

Like I mentioned above, it also syncs with Pocket making it easy to save articles to read for later, so make sure you connect them.

2. Save articles in Pocket to read later

You can do this from the blog page of you have a browser extension installed or if you have synced it with Feedly. I recommend taking advantage of it’s tagging system to put them in groups by category.  That way when you go to read them later you can focus on a specific category.

This will save you mental energy instead of trying to shift gears every time you try to read up on a different topic. The greater the focus the more you get out of your reading.

3. Use Lisgo to read on the go

Lisgo is great for digesting blog posts when you’re on the move. The average person has a 20-40 minute commute to work every day. Depending on the length of the blog post you saved it could be between 5 and 15 minutes of audio that Lisgo will read to you.

You can listen to these posts at your convenience whether it is on your way to work, at the gym, or even when you have down time. If you can put 2 hours aside a day to improving yourself by listening to some blog posts that are aligned with the dream and purpose for your life you will be surprised at how fast you will grow.

I try to listen to 5-15 blog posts a day which comes down to about 2 hours per day. People ask where do I find the time and I answer them with,

I want to improve myself for the sake of my friends and family, to provide ever increasing value to the world around me, but in order to do that I need to take the time to study what people are doing right.

Pro Tip: Break it up by categories

All work and no play makes you lame. I like to read 1/3 of my daily blog posts that will grow me spiritually, 1/3 that will grow me professionally, and the last 1/3 can catch me up on what’s going on in the world.

15 blog posts a day x 7 days week = ~100 blog posts/week

That’s just the groove that I’ve made, yours can be different but it must be intentional. I don’t hit 100 posts every week, but I set it as a goal that I try to hold myself accountable to. You must make the effort to improving yourself every day if you are going to accomplish the incredible.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read that add value to your life?