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As a business or brand, there is always a battle to attract the attention of your ideal audience away from your top competitors in any way possible.  This virtue is not exempt to the world of digital marketing, if anything it is receiving more attention now more than ever.  Twitter as always been a top contender in the realm of social media for people who want to connect with their favorite brands, artists, writers, etc, however, it has now evolved beyond that to one of the most credible places people look for real time news.  Twitter sums themselves up as:

“Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting.”

That being said, you are probable reading this post because you want to attract more eyes of people who are interested in what you have to offer.  What better place to look than right in your competitors own backyard.  I will show how to use one simple tool to effectively attract more quality twitter followers to your brand’s tweets that if done consistently will result in a significant increase on your social community.

Pick a Target:

The first thing you have to do is identify people or brands who are active on Twitter who have a decent sized following your ideal demographic.  For example, if you are selling, if you are selling speakers, target another well-known speaker company.  Once you have them in your sites be sure to document their Twitter handle, @brand_name, you will need this for later.  I would say pick 3-5 of your top competitors or thought leaders in your industry and keep a log of their follower size and Twitter handle.

Meet Your New Best Friend:

Enter Tweepi, one of my favorite Twitter management tools that I have been using from the very beginning.  Tweepi is a FREE Twitter tool that helps you to manage your following, I should mention here that there is a paid version that has more features, but the good news is you only need a free account to execute the tips in this post.  Signing up for Tweepi is a breeze, especially if you are already logged into Twitter.  Below is a screenshot of the different options you have:

The option I want to focus on here is the “Follow followers” button under the “Follow new tweeps” category.  Click that button and it will bring you through to the next screen where you will enter you competitor’s Twitter handle.  For this example, I will use Mari Smith, a fellow, highly successful, social media consultant to help attract the attention of some of her followers to my tweets.  I enter her name in the search box, click “start following,”  and the next page I see is a list of all the people who are following her.


From there I can selectively go through and select all the people I wish to follow by checking the checkbox next to their name and avatar.  Next scroll all the way to the bottom -left where you will see a follow button, this will allow you to follow everyone you have checked off all at once.  I recommend following no more than 10 pages or 250 every few days, that way you don’t violate any of Twitter’s guidelines.

*Bonus Tip* The page only shows ten people at a time, but there is a button at the very top of the page that allows you to tweet about Tweepi to unlock 20 people per page.

Do this once every few days with 3 – 5 of your main competitors Twitter handles and you will start to see your follower base grow steadily.  I do recommend going through each competitors entire following before you move onto the next, that way you know you won’t have to go back very often.  Keep a spreadsheet that logs what page you left off on so you know where to start next time.

Don’t forget to Flush:

Every few weeks I recommend you go through and flush out the people who have not followed you back and are not providing you with any value.  This will help you to keep your follower-to-following ration low which looks better.  Make sure to go through this flush carefully and add people you care about to your white-list.  This will highlight their profile in green and prevent you from accidently unfollow them in future flushes.

mari-smith-followers-tweepi-list tweepi-white-list

 Be intentional about making this a part of your social media strategy and you will build your Twitter following to a new level.

What are some of your favorite tips and tools for attracting quality Twitter followers?

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