Recently Instagram changed the way it posts images to Facebook.  Before, when posting from Instagram to Facebook it would post the image and the Instagram URL, however, now that is not the case.  Now, only the image is posted and no URL.  I have seen a decrease in gaining Instagram followers when posting to Facebook the traditional way.  I will show you a quick fix for this new change, which takes slightly longer, but in the end offers your Facebook followers a way to follow you on Instagram quickly as well.

To begin, post your image to Instagram as you normally do but do not push it to Facebook straight from the app.  Follow the next steps to add the post to your Facebook page:


  • Once you pull up the image, screenshot the full image to post to Facebook and copy the URL from the image located at the top of the page.


  • Next, visit your Facebook Page or Profile and begin to create a new post.  Add the text you wish to portray, followed by the URL that you had copied, attach the screenshot of the Instagram image.


  • Post away!


So, why go through the extra effort?  By adding this Instagram URL to your post you allow a path for people to like your post but also follow your page as well.  I have seen a 40-60% increase in Instagram followers since I started doing this compared to the traditional way of posting.  It opens up a way for your Facebook fans to connect with you on Instagram as well.  Yes, it takes more time and effort but it helps you continue to gain followers and exposure.

You can use this same tactic with Google+ in addition to using hash tags relevant to your post to get even more exposure.  Using quality, relevant hash tags on instagram itself is also a great way to get your photos in front of new eyes as well as attract new followers.

How do you attract more attention to your Instagram photos?