One of the primary objectives of any Facebook page should increasing the click-through rate and engagement with their target audience.

However, data has shown that sharing links by themselves get the least click-throughs out of all the types of content you can share.  This is most likely due to the fact that others may find it as over promotional and do not realize the value that applies to them.  I have put together this guide as a means to help you increase CTR to your links and at the same time boost your engagement within your posts.  Got your pens ready?

1.  Copy Matters

The way you introduce your post is vital to whether the person is going to take action on your post (click the link, comment, like, share).  You have this small window of opportunity to convince your fan that this post applies to them, so make it count!  Give them some brief insight about what is contained in your article and how it can improve their current situation.  This is where knowing your audience really pays off, if you know their needs or struggles you can design your Facebook post copy towards satisfying those needs. Curiosity is your friend!  You do not have to be too detailed, the more curiosity you spark, the greater the chance they will click through to see what you are sharing.  Tell your audience why they should click through to the link you share.

2.  Include a Compelling Image or Photo

Images have been proven to be king when it comes to driving attention and engagement on Facebook.  People love to look at pictures that intrigue them and spark emotion.  Your job is to do just that, couple your messaging with an image that further helps your fan identify with your post.  The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to select images that you know might resonate with them.  Brainstorm a few different ways you can use photos to drive more engagement on your Facebook posts.

3.  Shorten That Link!

Depending on the length of your link, adding the orignal URL may make your post look sloppy.  I tend to use because of their ability to shorten URLs, customize them, but also because you are able to track the click-through rate and see where they are coming from.  It not only makes your posts look cleaner but it provides insight into which social networks are getting the most click-throughs and see which regions they are from.  Not to mention it’s FREE!

Integrate these tips into your Facebook posts to drive more engagement and watch your click-through rate begin to climb!

What are some of your top Facebook tactics?

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