Ever ask yourself, “What makes great people great?” When you look at your favorite athlete, writer, artist, musician, etc., every single one of them has something in common. That one thing is…

they are grounded in the basics. Developing a strong foundation of the fundamental elements that make up your passion is the greatest investment you can make. You will never progress and reach your greatest potential without mastering the basics, and even by some chance you do there is always the risk of the weak foundation crumbling underneath you. Here are some tips for how to be intentional about developing the fundamental basics of your passion:

1. Identify Key Traits

You can’t work on getting better at something if you do not know what that something is.  Begin to mark out where you are at now and where you need to be to be considered excellent at your passion.  Next begin filling in the blanks in between the beginning and the end defining what you will need to accomplish along the way.  The more questions you ask the more clear your path to success will be.

2. Schedule Time To Exercise The Basics

You have to refine your skills when it comes to the basics, these will be the foundation on which you build your more advanced skills.  Make it a priority to carve time out of your schedule to practice and drill these basics.  “Practice makes perfect” is not one of the most used phrases for just know reason, we have to invest into ourselves if we want to reach a higher level and impact people with our passion.

3. Constant Learning Is Key

Do all you can to expand your knowledge about your passion.  Read books, watch instructional videos or documentaries, listen to podcasts, subscribe to blogs, with the amount of information literally at our finger tips there is no reason why you should have the opportunity to increase your knowledge more than the previous day.  As much as practicing your skills is a discipline so is learning.  These disciplines should be held close to your heart and placed as a high priority in your life.

4. Find A Mentor

One of the reasons why I believe people give up so easily is because they don’t have someone there to guide them when they hit a wall or make mistakes.  If you want to reach your full potential you will need the help of someone with greater experience and knowledge of what you will be facing.  These mentors can be someone in your every day life such as a family member, colleague, Pastor or close friend OR they could even be someone you admire and emulate from your passion’s niche.  Whoever it may be, draw near to them and ask for insight, I am sure they will be happy to share with you.

Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” –Matthew 7:7

5. Keep At It

Consistency is key when it comes to excelling at your passion.  It is all about having the diligence to keep pressing through even when you don’t feel like it.  You have to proclaim it over yourself that you will keep going even when everyone else has quit, that discipline and determination is what will make one great.  Surround yourself with those who will build you up when you are strength is dwindling and remind yourself of why you started in the first place, you will find yourself catching your second wind and begin to pick up momentum once again.

Reward comes as a result of hard work, resilience, drive and the intentional willingness to pursue your dreams and goals.  You are the only one who can stop yourself from achieving your potential.

What habits have you put in place to help you excel at your passion?

Photo By: premasagar