We live in a busy world with literally thousands of messages, opinions, and advertisements forced into our heads whether we like them or not. It is important that we take time to unplug from all the noise and seek a quiet place where

we can truly ponder on our circumstances and think our own thoughts. Here are 3 reasons why seeking solitude is beneficial:

1. It Silences The Unnecessary

As I mentioned above, with so much verbal and text based clutter from TV ads to memes on Facebook, we often don’t realize how much unnecessary content we allow ourselves to process. This clutter easily turns into time-sapping distractions that will leave you wondering where your day has gone. When you remove yourself from the sources and channels where these distractions live you silence their voice allowing you to really focus on your current tasks. This leads me to my next point…

2. It Allows Creativity To Flow

If you are currently being bombarded with the creativity of others you will never realize your own. We often seek creativity by watching how others do it, but how often do we take the time to be creative ourselves? There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from others but you should not depend on it to bring inspiration to your group or organization. Seek out that quiet place with your notebook and pen and start brainstorming ideas. Begin with the end in mind and work backwards. In this stage remove any structure and just write down your best ideas, later on you can elaborate further.

3. It Helps Us Realize What Is Really Important

Pretty much anything that has a screen or a speaker will tell you about something that you “NEED” pretty much as soon as you turn it on. When you are in a place of solitude the things that matter to you most will begin to reveal themselves. Without the distractions of the outside world your thoughts will shift on to things such as your family, your friends, your true passions, and your goals and aspirations. Try it for yourself, take a walk in the woods, by a lake, anywhere that is secluded and see what crops up.

This is one of my shorter posts but I felt compelled to share my thoughts. In such a fast-paced world with a mindset devoted to instant gratification, it is important that we take the time to slow down, seek solitude and focus on what matters most. Carve out a slot in your schedule for this time of reflection and see how your life will change.

What are some quiet places you go to to think and reflect?

Photo By: Giampaolo Macorig