Weekends are a time to be cherished and used to recover from the week and prepare for the one that’s ahead.  The most successful people in the world know how to use weekends wisely to renew themselves and be productive at the same time.  Forbes put together a great INFOGRAPHIC how successful people spend their weekend. (Scroll Down) Enjoy!

10 Things Successful People Do On Weekends:

1. Make Time For The Family

Many hardworking, successful people spend a majority of their week in the office or on the road in order to provide for their families.  Successful people value time with their families and carve out time in their weekend schedules to focus on building relationship with those they cherish most.

Organizing your weekend around quality time with your family will leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled.

2. Exercise

Successful people not only maintain healthy businesses but also healthy bodies.  Exercise has been proven to reduce stress and increase your energy levels, and Saturday mornings are a great time to get it in.

Personally, I use Saturdays as a maintenance day where I do 20 minutes of cardio, a full-body work out, and ending with a quick core circuit workout.  I leave the gym feeling energized and ready to make the most out of the weekend.

3. Pursue a Passion

Everyone should have a hobby or passion that they are pursuing on a regular basis.  It helps to keep the mind fresh and in a state of constant learning.  I truly believe that is key to having a sharp, youthful mind.  It helps lead to success by reducing stress and bringing more joy into your life, not to mention improve your ability to learn new skills.

What is your top hobby?
Share it in the comment section below.

4. Disconnect

I wrote a post on How to Intentionally Unplug and Enjoy Life and the importance of living life in the present.  Put the iPhone down, get outside, do something with your family or friends.  You’ll thank yourself later.

5. Serve Others

Giving your time in service to others brings more fulfillment than money ever could.  As humans we are wired to serve each other, we feel a sense of accomplishment and joy when we provide value or support to another.

I serve at my church and in many other ways on the weekend.  Take it a step further and serve someone on a regular basis, throughout the week.  Serving is not for the weekend warriors, it’s a lifestyle.

6. Plan

The most successful people know that in order to have a great week you need to plan on having a good week, it doesn’t just happen.  I like to spend time on Sunday nights to plan out the key things I want to accomplish for the week ahead.  These are the tasks that will make the biggest impact on my business, my ministry, or my personal passions.  I then take the time to add it into my schedule at times where nothing will interfere with accomplishing them.  Own your schedule to own your life.

7. Socialize

Socializing with your friends and people you care about can have a profound impact on your success.  If you are all work and no play you are going to end up bitter, lonely and likely resentful of those around you who have more free time than you.  Make time for your friends and new potential friends.  It will provide you with a break from the daily grind where you can relax, have fun and maybe even meet some new people who can help you in your endeavors.

Take the time  to cultivate strong relationships with friends who will ask the tough questions, encourage you when you’re down, and be there for you in the thick and thin.  Strong relationships don’t just happen, they’re intentionally built.

8. Network

You may have heard some version of the saying that, “You are the product of the top 5 people that you spend the most time with.  This is so true.  If you wish to become greater than what  you are right now you need to invest the time to get around people who are most likely to help you reach your goals.  This could be a mentor, a teacher, a coach, or someone who has gone before you or have achieved the success you desire.

9. Reflect

Reflection is a lost art in our day and  age.  People these days rarely take the time to look back on their weeks and ask if what they did brought them any closer to their goals and objectives.  This must be done regularly if you are to achieve success at whatever you are pursuing.

Reflecting on your weekly activities not only helps you identify if what you are doing is working, but allows you to ask, “What do I need to be doing differently?”  If you are not achieving the results you desire, there is only one sensible step you must take: Do Something Different.  Jot down some new ideas, act on those ideas and see if they work.

10. Meditate

Taking the time to meditate on weekends helps you to center yourself, refocus on what’s important, and seek guidance as to what steps need to be taken next.  The form of meditation I refer to is Christian Meditation, where you spend time alone with God not asking but focusing on His word and His will for your life.

There is much more to it than I could ever explain but Richard J. Foster lays it out best in his book “Celebration of Discipline“.  Both this book and the practice of meditation has had a profound impact on my life and the lives of many other Christian leaders.  I hope it helps you too.

These are just 10 things you should be doing on weekends if you wish to be successful.  Be sure to check out the INFOGRAPHIC below from Forbes on how successful people spend their weekends.


successful people weekend infographic

Featured photo credit: 14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends/Forbes via magic.piktochart.com